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At international scale since 2004. Transportation geography — the whole Europe and near abroad, Russia and CIS countries.
The truck fleet outnumbers 16 units of equipment, fleet of lifting mechanisms amounts to 40 units, including the highest-tonnage equipment for extra-heavy cargo in the Kaliningrad region.
The company was engaged in transportation of deep submersibles MIR 1 and MIR, planes, industrial machinery, constructions with complex geometric configuration and misplaced center of mass.
The company’s liability insurance guarantees payment in amount of 200 000 Euro с up to 2 500 000 Euro or more.
Fleet of machinery amounts to 40 lifting mechanisms with 4 to 220 tons of weight-lifting capacity. Cranes with 250, 400, 750 tons lifting capacity are available.
We have a fleet of pilot cars. We can assist in organizing tracking by highway patrol.