«SILACH-TRANSBALTIC» has been in business since 2004 and all the while – on international level. The company’s transportation geography captures the whole Europe and the near abroad, Russia and CIS countries.

«SILACH-TRANSBALTIC» is one of the leaders among the companies of North-West region and the Baltics. We are experts and consultants in heavy and oversized cargo transportation from and to the Kaliningrad region as well as intraregional transportation services. Our experience and capability is a transportation of cargo up to 40 m. in length, up to 9 m. in width and up to 5 m. in height and weighting up to 320 tons. The truck fleet outnumbers 16 units of equipment, fleet of lifting mechanisms amounts to 40 units, including the highest-tonnage equipment for extra-heavy cargo in the Kaliningrad region.

Strategy of «SILACH-TRANSBALTIC» is «Tell us about your problem and let us solve it»: individual approach to each case. We have replaced all the unified technics with new trailers and each of them is responsible for the separate type of transportation: agricultural and construction machinery, industrial constructions and other cargo types.

The company’s strong point is oversized and heavy cargo transportation. We often received extraordinary requests. The company was engaged in transportation of the well-known deep submersibles MIR 1 and MIR from Kaliningrad to Switzerland there and back, carried out numerous transportations of planes, water boats, industrial machinery, constructions with complex geometric configuration and misplaced center of mass. We are fond of our business, and that is the reason why we meet challenges enthusiastically and curiously.

We appreciate the clients’ reliance and the company’s name providing insurance for cargo and revise status of equipment.  «SILACH-TRANSBALTIC» liability insurance guarantees payment in amount of 200 000 Euro up to 2 500 000 Euro or more, and the truck fleet regularly undergoes European level checkouts.