Truck fleet of «SILACH-TRANSBALTIC GROUP OF COMPANIES» amounts to more than 56 units of machinery: motorcars, cranes with high weight-lifting capacity, semitrailers and multi-purpose haulers — telescopic, lowbed, self-propelled motorized transport. The company is constantly growing and developing; an international policy requires ideal machinery: that is the reason why we regularly renovate our fleet: sell our equipment and replace it with ones of higher level or for another purpose. We cooperate with brands NOOTEBOOM, GOLDHOFER, FAYMONVILLE, BROSHUIS, MAN, DAF, MERCEDES, IVECO.

As sellers, we guarantee a perfect condition and long-lasting performance of machinery: our truck fleet regularly undergoes technical inspection and service in Kaliningrad or in authorized service centers of Lithuanian Republic. So, if you are interested in some model from our fleet, — we are at your service.