Corporate group, which includes «SILACH-TRANSBALTIC», is an owner of 40 lifting mechanisms with 4 to 220 tons of weight-lifting capacity: truck, caterpillar, column and automatic cranes, including LIEBHERR, TEREX-DEMAG, GROVE CRANE, KOBELCO. We take a good care of the machinery: the machinery fleet is kept up-to-date and developed, current models regularly undergo technical control and are usually maintained by the crew.

Our machinery is involved in construction of the largest industrial objects of the Kaliningrad region, bridges, residential buildings, shopping centers in Kaliningrad. In the last few years our cranes establish a Christmas tree on the Victory Square (Ploshchad Pobedy) and we can be proud of it!

Our recent purchase is an automobile crane TEREX EXPLORER 5800 with 220 tones weight lifting capacity with 5-axis, off-road capability and all-wheel steering. Lever and jib are 70 and 21 meters respectively.

But not limited to. Special objects may be supplied with cranes of 250, 400 and even 750 tons weight lifting capacity.

 Find more information about weight lifting machinery services on www.kaliningradkran.ru