Steam boilers transportation

Realization: August 2014

In august 2013, 4 BOSH steam boilers were transported to Baltiysk city port by a seacraft, sizes (LхWхH,m.) 9,62 х 4,35 х 4,7, weight 63 000 kg. On the modular, semitrailer cargo height estimated to 5,825 m. Prior to the transportation our staff has investigated several ways of driveway and choose the only one possible. Kaliningrad city roads are narrow; there are many canopy trees along the roadsides: that was a serious obstacle. 


The route was investigated subsequently in order to find out a possibility of using oversized and heavy road train on the pavement constructions; sawdust was also conducted.

In April 2015 BOSH steam boiler, sizes (LхWхH, m.) 10,5 х 4,5 х 4,7, weight 75 000 kg. was transported from port of Saint-Petersburg to Uhta city.

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